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Menus: great food on the harbour

All Buffet menus offer fully seated table dining (max numbers 120). The Freedom Buffet, Full Freedom Buffet and Celebration Buffet include crisp linen on the dining and buffet tables and of course, 'proper' crockery and cutlery!

Cocktail menus are suitable for numbers from 30 to 200.

We offer excellent quality, honest dining on the Harbour. We only serve food that we know will both present, serve well and most importantly taste great 'afloat'.

We have so many choices. Please find below a brief description of our most popular Menus, click on the menu that interests you for a full description.

Do remember, we can add to, or amend menus to suit your requirements and budget. We are also happy to tailor make a menu for your special event. Hand made chocolates - special celebration cakes - prawn platters - full seafood buffets - halal buffets - vegetarian buffets all can be provided.

If you are on a limited budget then we can suggest some sensible ideas, arrange BYO food or for example a 'pizza pick up'.

The Freedom Buffet: An excellent 2 course choice, very popular with our clients. And of course, if you are planning a birthday, you could bring your birthday cake aboard, to make this a three course meal.

Full Freedom Buffet: As above but more, with 3 courses plus a cheese board! Birthday or other celebration cakes can be ordered through us, and included as the dessert gateau, reduce your time, ask us to order and arrange for you.

Celebration Buffet: A Special Buffet menu that can be tailored to your requirements, for your special occasion.

Daytime Harbourside Buffet: a lighter buffet menu, with morning tea and coffee, cake and biscuits, plus soft drinks included, daytime cruises only.

Freedom Cocktail Menu: a great budget menu for 40 to 200 guests!

Full Freedom Cocktail Menu: offering our widest range of excellent quality cocktail food.

Celebration Cocktail Menu: a Special Cocktail menu  that can be tailored to your requirements, for your special occasion.

Some Extras: Seafood Buffets, Celebration Cakes, Special Diets, Children's Menus, celebration cakes. Do contact us, we have some great ideas, and can quote.

BYO food and further budget ideas.

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