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Freedom Full Buffet Menu

This is a full three course menu plus cheese board. Popular additions are chocolates and fresh ground coffee.


Olives, nuts and Pretzels

A great selection of home made dips

Guacamole, tomato and capsicum salsa, hummus, and creamy sweet corn. All served with corn chips and cocktail biscuits

Fresh Vegetable Crudit├©s

Crisp carrot and celery batons to enhance your enjoyment of our dips

Spring Rolls

Served hot and cocktail waitered around the boat, served with a chilli and ginger dipping sauce


Served hot and cocktail waitered around the boat, served with a garlic, mint and yoghurt dipping sauce

For the main Buffet

Select any three from

Roasted Chicken Pieces

served with Cranberry Sauce

Variety of Quiches

Florentine and Asparagus - served warm and suitable for vegetarians, other varieties available suitable for meat lovers.

Mustard and Honey Glazed Baked Ham

served with a mustards

Rare Roast Beef

served with Horseradish relish

Italian Lasagnes

(for groups of 50 or less) available with either a beef or vegetarian filling


choose any four from the following, other salads available on request

Italian Pasta and Capsicum, Creamy Pasta, American Potato and Sweet corn, German Potato, Hawaiian Rice, Curried Rice, Tomato and Cucumber with Basil and balsamic dressing, Greek Salad, Waldorf Salad, Coleslaw, Caesar Salad

In addition a Fresh Mixed Garden Leaf Salad will be provided

Fresh baked dinner and damper rolls, with butter


Cheese Board

A great Australian cheese selection, with King Island Brie and Camembert, Blue Castello (a lovely creamy blue cheese, not Australian -sorry), matured Australian cheddar, and a light fruity cream cheese. All served with crisp water biscuits and grapes.

Clients Choice of Gateaux

Choose from our wide range of cheesecakes, pavlova's, gateaux and flans

Fresh Australian fruit platters

Including, dependent on the season, strawberries, grapes, watermelon, kiwi, pineapple, blueberries

Remember, you can always contact us to tailor make a menu for your special event, we are very happy to alter the suggestions above.

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